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Should The Government Support The Arts? (Task 2 Writing)

Below you can find 2 different essays on the topic:

Some people believe that the government should provide financial assistance to artists such as painters, musicians and poets. Others think that it is a waste of money.
Discuss both points of view and give your opinion.

The first essay is Argument-led, meaning that both sides of the issue are equally mentioned.

The second essay is Thesis-led, meaning that the writer takes a strong viewpoint and only briefly mentions the opposing view.

Both are excellent examples of a Task 2 essay and would receive Band 9 scores.

For more information about Thesis-led and Argument-led essays, please see the previous post.

The first essay opposes government support of the arts, while the second essay supports it. Which one do you agree with?

Essay 1 

There are differing opinions about whether the government should give financial assistance to artists or not. Although there are valid arguments to be made in support of government arts patronage, it is my belief that the arts should be primarily supported not by the government, but by private enterprise.

There is no doubt that artistic pursuits are worthwhile. Playing music, painting, sculpting or even simply viewing art can have therapeutic effects on people, helping them to relax and express themselves. Arts education is especially beneficial for children and helps them develop creativity, which will integral to their success in later life. Additionally, I believe that public art projects such as statues and murals can help to beautify urban areas and could be partly funded by government grants.

These arguments aside, I would like to assert that spending tax money on art and artists is wasteful, as there are countless other sectors in desperate need of government funding. For example, even in highly developed countries, there are people who are unable to meet basic needs like food and shelter. Many thousands of people die every year from diseases that could be easily cured. Furthermore, the governments of many countries have not yet addressed the important issues surrounding environmental protection and clean energy. Surely, meeting these requirements is far more important than promoting art, despite all its merits.

In an ideal world, there would always be plenty of revenue for all of a countries needs as well as its wants. Until that time comes, however, I believe that the government should focus on solving the aforementioned health and environmental issues and leave the funding of creative projects to motivated individuals and private enterprises.

Words: 281

Essay 2

There are differing opinions about whether the government should give financial assistance to artists or not. Some people believe that the government has a responsibility to help support the arts, while others believe that this is a wasteful practice. I wholeheartedly believe that patronage of the arts is fundamental to the role of government, and that it benefits each and every member of society.

Expressing oneself creatively is a human need that is not unlike our basic needs for acceptance and love. We have been writing songs and drawing on the walls of caves since the dawn of our species. Although creating art is arguably less important than food or shelter, it remains something that all people have a right to enjoy and participate in, and so we should not balk at using tax dollars to support it. Providing government money for artistic endeavours ensures that all people can take part, regardless of their financial means.

Another important point is that arts education for children is an absolutely essential part of their development, and should be publicly promoted. Children who learn to be creative today can become the inventors, designers, and innovators of tomorrow. It has been proven, for example, that young people who learn to play a musical instrument early in life will achieve higher scores in mathematics and have an easier time learning new languages when they grow up. Additionally, people who develop creative outlets at an early age tend to be better at dealing with stress as adults.

In sum, the benefits of publicly supporting the arts go far beyond mere aesthetic appreciation. It is our duty as a society to support the arts along with the rest of our human requirements.

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