Saturday, 9 November 2013

Five Historical Robots (Listening)

IELTS Listening Part 4 often contains detailed lectures on a wide range of topics. These tend to be on topics such as the environment, technology, business, and history.

Below you will find a radio programme which incorporates two of these topics - it provides a short history of robotics.

Here are a few vocabulary words and idioms you might need:

automaton      mind-blowing      insight     anatomy

mechanism      discharge         revolutionise     

conceal        elite             clockwork

The recording is approximately 21 minutes long. There is no reason to listen past minute 22:00.


and press play to hear the listening.

In which country and in which century was the first robot reportedly built?

Which well-known artist created a mechanical lion?

What kind of animal did Jacques de Vaucanson build? What kinds of things could this animal do?

What other robotic creations did Vaucanson build?

Why was the robot called "The Writer" built by Jaquet-droz a significant development in robotic technology?

What every day fashionable item did Jaquet-droz become famous for?

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